Rediscover your sleep

Almost every fourth person in Switzerland suffers from sleep disorders: 6% severe, 18% mild ones. The reasons are as varied as those affected themselves, but high levels of stress and stress in everyday life are often responsible. These increase the level of the stress hormone cortisol, which in turn negatively affects sleep.

At Phoebe Nox, we're committed to better sleep. Through our own experience in a performance-intensive work environment, we know the importance of restful sleep. Our weighted blankets naturally reduce levels of the stress hormone, improving sleep.

Good sleep - good mood: rediscover your sleep now!

  • Catherine, 27

    Since I've had the Phoebe Nox blanket, I've had far fewer anxiety attacks. She is super cuddly and I feel safe. An absolute top product!

  • Roland, 38

    At first I was skeptical about my girlfriend's blanket. I am now totally convinced and she had to order a second blanket.

  • Pauline, 31

    I usually sleep restlessly and move a lot. With the blanket I can finally relax and wake up refreshed and full of energy!

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